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FAQs - La Vie Mort
Birth is Death

1. How does the hierarchy work?
This depends on what clan you're in:
oThe DiVannero Clan: This clan is incredibly patriarchal. Mikhail Divannero is the head of the clan, and then come the ranks of his family, mostly falling in to respect their elders. Beyond that, the closer someone is to the family, and the higher the rank of that family member, the higher their rank also becomes, however, the family always rules.
oThe Belvieu Clan: Advancement in this clan is based soley on Mattias's personal choice. The more he likes you, the higher rank you will get.
oThe Yaslev Clan: These rankings are probably the most complex, and yet the most commonly believed. Everyone is under their sire. Thus, those sired by Viktor are the 'second' rank, and so forth through the generations.
2. Where will the RP take place?
The RP will take place here on LJ. To start a topic involving other (multiple)users, post a topic to the community journal including the following information:
Subject, what character(s) are invited or if it's open to anyone. Put your first post here, behind a cut.

The muse journals will be used as 'journals' for your character if you want, as well as private rps and communications with a single character.
3. Will my character(a human) recognize a vampire if they see one?
Perhaps. Vampires with witch blood are able to retract their fangs, and all vampires are still fairly secretive, because they don't want the hunters able to find them. However, there are clues that someone is a vampire that you can spot if you watch out for them.

Hopefully, everything should be included for you to understand, and I'll add more FAQs as I get them.
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