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Power Levels - La Vie Mort
Birth is Death
Power Levels
The level of power a character has is based on their bloodline, and goes as follows:

  1. This level of power is reserved for those born(actually born, not simply sired by) to two direct family members of the head of clan.(These vampires must be blood related to the head of the clan.) AJ DiVannero, Nina DiVannero, Andre DiVannero
  2. This level of power is only for the actual heads of the clans. Mikhail DiVannero, Mattias Belvieu, Viktor Yaslev
  3. This is for those sired by the head of the clan, or those who are at least 1/2 Vampire by birth, twice removed from the head of the clan. Blaise DiVannero, Regine DiVannero, Tray DiVannero, Ryia Crantford, Tobias DiVannero, Silas DiVannero
  4. Those sired by a vampire of level III power, or parented by someone of level IV.

As the remaining power levels decrease, the sire's level or parent's level keeps decreasing. A born child, unless born to two level III vampires or higher, will have the same power level as it's most powerful parent. More power levels will be added as necessary, and new characters will be listed with their power level here.
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