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The Rules - La Vie Mort
Birth is Death
The Rules
1. You must rp at least once every two weeks. There must be some proof of your activity.
2. Fights are allowed, as obviously this is a violence inducing rp, however, please keep these rules in mind during fights:
  1. You are not playing god. None of the characters, no matter how high on the heirarchy, are invincible, including yours.
  2. Check the available power sheets for the character you are fighting. If your character is not on an equal level with them, please keep this in mind in the fight; a lower level character will have to do a lot more strategical thinking to even attempt to beat a higher level character.
  3. Killing other characters is only allowed if you have the permission of the person who plays them. This includes changing a character from human to vampire.

3. While I know this might be difficult, refrain from dragging personal drama into the rp. If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them personally, or go to one of the mods for help. It doesn't need to come up between the characters.
4. Logs in script form will not be accepted. Take the time to actually describe things, and write things out.
5. Do not assume that just because someone else was allowed to have a character that is not a vampire/human/vampire hunter that you will be allowed to as well. These are done strictly at mod disposal, and are based on a number of factors, including how creative the character's race seems.
6. Do not engage in any 18+ rps with someone underage; if you do so it is purely at your discretion, and the mods and this community is not responsible.
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